Team Bananas is a collective of volunteers from all over the world who have gone to the Aegean to help with the crisis that has been inflicted on people fleeing from war.
Over fifty thousand people, many of them children, are trapped in Greece, the vast majority stuck in military camps.

Starting with 4 boxes of bananas (400 bananas) in the beginning of March, Team Bananas was providing the children of Idomeni around 4,500 children with a nutritious breakfast everyday. When Idomeni was shut down refugee camps were set up in the remote areas around Thessaloniki. Team Bananas went from supplying bananas in 3 camps to 10 camps. Our primary focus remained children, pregnant / breastfeeding women.

While the state and international NGOs in Greece are providing the basic needs for the refugees, they receive no other forms of aid. Therefore, Team Bananas is now providing other essentials such as personal hygiene products, mosquito nets, bedding, rice, oil, vegetables and other necessities. Team Bananas also continues to supply bananas to the transient homeless refugees who are too frightened of deportation or have left deplorable conditions of existing camps. Bananas are packed with nutrients, are easy to eat, are filling and don’t need washing.

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Camps in Greece

Since the borders and the Idomeni camp are closed, around 50.000 refugees are stuck in Greece. They are living in government camps, in squatted buildings, parks, next to train stations or out on the street, under challenging conditions. In the official camps, often old factories in desolated areas, people are provided with the basic needs to survive : tents, medical care and simple meals. There is, however, still a lack of proper food (vegetables, proteins) hygiene facilities, information and legal advice.


NGO’s and grass root organisations try to fill in the gaps by handing out healthy and nutritious food, clothes and hygience packages, as well as giving them information and showing the way to health care. Not in the least, they provide moral support, hug and smile, play with the children and even educate them in the several makeshift schools that have been set up.


Team Bananas is working together with several wonderful organisations:

SOUL FOOD Kitchen and foodKIND to provide meals for homeless refugees and  IHA – InterEuropean Human Aid Association, Help Refugees, GBGE Galdakaoko Boluntarioen Gizarte Elkartea, Jonas Sweep and others…