Do you want to be a volunteer?

Our work is only possible because of the engagement of volunteers.

The volunteers live in a shared house in Thessaloniki.

We have constantly 10 people on the ground which work in ALL our projects.

For us this is important because we want you the get a sophisticated view on the situation. We are not taking advantage of you and let you work 12 hours a day, rather more we are taking time while interacting with the refugees and meet them at eye level


Minimum stay is usually 14 days.

To cover costs for accomondation and fuel we charge 5.- Euros per day

Car rental and Airbnb start at 12.- each per day.

We are always happy for extra cars!

For everthing else you have to be self-sufficent (food and wine is quiet cheap)


If you would like to work as a volunteer with Team Bananas, please contact Davide for more info: davide@teambananas.org